konqueror: download does not resume

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sun Dec 28 09:27:27 GMT 2003

Pere Constans wrote:
> Thanks for your answer, James.
> The 'download manager' that showed up yesterday isn't kget actually.

KGet is like the "DownLoad Manager" in Mozilla.  The main window has a list of all of the
files that you are currently downloading and you can also have a separate widget for each
download.  The individual widgets for KGet have buttons for: "Resume", "Pause", "Delete", 
etc..  OTOH if you are downloading form an FTP site, and you don't have KGet enabled, you 
will just get the regular progress widget -- the same as if you copy a file.

Which widget you will get is determined by whether or not you have checked the box I 
discussed previously.

If you want to use KGet, start if from the menu, it is under: "Internet" in the K-Menu.


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