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Ingo Klöcker kloecker at
Sat Dec 27 11:06:26 GMT 2003

On Saturday 27 December 2003 11:26, Volker Blum wrote:
> Dear KDE / KDE-PIM,
> a long time ago, there was a tool to convert kde2 kmail folders to
> kde3.
> I have recently made that step (yes, already - sorry to be late), and
> would be very interested in that (since all my mail is now
> unreadable).

No conversion of mail folders is necessary. KMail now supports a new 
mail folder format (maildir) but the support for the old format (mbox) 
hasn't been removed (and will never be removed). KMail 1.5.4 should 
have no problems with your old mail.

What do you mean by unreadable? Are just the Subjects (Betreff) in the 
message list unreadable? If yes, then selecting all messages once 
should fix this problem.

Alternatively, you could delete the index files of the affected folders. 
The names of the index files are of the form .foldername.index* where 
foldername is the name of the corresponding folder. KMail will then 
regenerate the index files. The downside of this is that all messages 
will loose their status (important, unread, replied, forwarded, 
deleted). This also means that messages which you've already deleted 
might reappear.

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