mail folder conversion kmail kde2 -> 3

Volker Blum volker_blum at
Sat Dec 27 10:26:23 GMT 2003


a long time ago, there was a tool to convert kde2 kmail folders to kde3. 

I have recently made that step (yes, already - sorry to be late), and would be 
very interested in that (since all my mail is now unreadable). However, 
neither a google search nor browsing the kde web site turned up any useful 

If anyone still has a copy around, or can point me to a link, that would be 
very much appreciated.

Thank you very much

Volker Blum

PS: (a) I hope this makes it to the lists, since I am not subscribed.
    (b) For the same reason, please cc me in any reply.
    (c) I hope I did not overlook anything obvious. Please forgive me if I
    (d) thanks for the great work!

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