KDE .Xsession workaround

Mike Hoye mhoye at nexus.carleton.ca
Wed Dec 17 17:51:54 GMT 2003

I've been trying to get KDM to handle .xsession files the way I presume
they're supposed to work, that being to let you set up and run a whole
bunch of programs automagically every time you log in. There's not really
a mechanism to do that in KDM, as far as I could see - you either get to
choose you WM and no programs, or your run your .Xsession file that has
the WM written in as the last line.

That's kind of gross, so I put together a workaround, a marginal hack that
lets me take my old .Xsession file and use it under KDM, while still
letting me choose different window managers.

The details of it are here:


I'd be happy to hear any suggestions.

Mike Hoye

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