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Salut Jeremy,
On Sun, 24 Aug 2003, Jeremy MONNET wrote:
> Quoting Martin Koller <m.koller at>:
> 4.2) ... I tried to update everything, but nothing better with the new versions
> ... The only things that are better : when I'm running knoppix on live-cd, the
> apm with kde 3.2 is running well. If I install it on the harddisk, it crashes
> while trying to standby. I looked at every files in /etc, and they are exactly
> the same ...
> Can it be a problem with the power management of the HD ? Or Maybe I don't have
> enough swap (but I Have more than 700 MB, and 256 MB of RAM) ?
> I installed a aurox and it worked ...
> And with the newest version of knoppix (live-cd always) : at the beginning the
> apm works just fine, but if I open something heavy such like the openoffice
> then it crashes while it goes to standby ...
might it be DMA related. Did you try to disable DMA for the harddisk,
before you standby? This would be normally done by
 hdparm -d 0 /dev/hda
if your harddisk is the first-master, as usual.

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