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Sun Aug 24 12:05:48 BST 2003

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> On Sunday 24 August 2003 12:29, Kevin Krammer wrote: 
> > On Sunday 24 August 2003 01:01, Jeremy MONNET wrote: 
> > > Hello, 
> > > 
> > > I have a little problem that's bugging me a lot with my laptop. 
> > > It seems that my kde3 isn't compile with APM support (debian woody), 
> > > but I haven't find anything for that on the web 
> > > 
> > > So When I use the "old" kde 2.2 (or gnome, or no graphical interface) 
> > > the APM is working well (especially the apm-s to put the laptop in 
> > > standby mode). 
> > > 
> > > If I try with kde3.1 or 3.2, my laptop crashes while it tries to 
> > > standby ... Does anyone know about this problem ? 
> > 
> > I have KDE3.1.2 from Woody running on my laptop and APM is working fine. 
> > Maybe it is a certain program you have running. 
> > 
> > I had problems with the waking after standby if I had DRI enabled. 
> > The machine awoke fine, but the display didn't. Had to remote login to 
> > reboot. 
> I had the same problem with the waking, but this was with a "rather old"  
> kernel (2.4.10) and with XFree 4.0 or so. I upgraded to 2.4.17 kernel and to 
> 4.2.0 XFree and since then I have no problem. 
I'm running on a 2.4.21 kernel, and with xfree 4.3 (same problem with xfree 
4.2) ... I tried to update everything, but nothing better with the new versions 
... The only things that are better : when I'm running knoppix on live-cd, the 
apm with kde 3.2 is running well. If I install it on the harddisk, it crashes 
while trying to standby. I looked at every files in /etc, and they are exactly 
the same ...  
Can it be a problem with the power management of the HD ? Or Maybe I don't have 
enough swap (but I Have more than 700 MB, and 256 MB of RAM) ? 
I installed a aurox and it worked ... 
And with the newest version of knoppix (live-cd always) : at the beginning the 
apm works just fine, but if I open something heavy such like the openoffice 
then it crashes while it goes to standby ...  
That's all I know, I just regret not to be a hacker, I would like to know when 
it crashes, to know why ... Very strange ! And very annoying on a laptop. 
Vive le libre, et vive knoppix !  
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