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Martin Fahrendorf martin at
Tue Aug 19 19:09:36 BST 2003

Am Dienstag, 19. August 2003 03:00 schrieb Tom Kuiper:
> Greetings, group!

Hi Tom,

> The September Linux Journal has a nice article on recording music
> to CDs so I thought I'd try 'gramofile' instead of 'krecord'.  I
> went through the motions of capturing some audio to file, but
> nothing was recorded. Does KDE intercept audio destined to a user's
> process?  If so, how do I get KDE to pass the sound to gramofile?

kde normaly uses arts as sound daemon. Every kde program and some 
others with extendet arts features can output sound without the need 
of spacial device-looking. 

If you use a program without arts support you have to disable artsd 
(killall artsd).

If you want to use krecord and the and you are tired of the dropouts, 
please look after a little programm called artswrapper. if you set 
this prorgram to siud root all the dropouts are gone. The reason is 
the realtime priority which currently only root can activate. And 
this has noting to do with the host performance. On my 400 MHz K6-3 
system all the recording works great.

> Related to this, I think, why do 'fishtank' and similar background
> generating tasks not run under KDE?

I thing the same reason as above, the do not suport arts direkt. Run 
every audio-out program on the commandline with artsdsp (like 
'artsdsp audacity'). This program 'emulates' a real /dev/dsp device 
for the programs. Most will run with this workaround.

> Thanks and regards
> Tom

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