network protocol transparency in quanta

Liviu Sas liviu at
Wed Aug 6 06:21:05 BST 2003

	I'm using quanta with fish without a problem. Just type fish:// when you open 
a file, or add a "fish://" top folder in files tree, in the sidebar, or you 
can make a remote project.

On Tuesday 05 August 2003 23:43, daniel wrote:
> so what's the deal with quanta and kate?  which one is "the" kde editor?  i
> only ask 'cause i've seen a lot of hype lately about quanta, and i've been
> using kate for some time now.
> the main reason i haven't switched to quanta (which does have some pretty
> nifty features that i'd love to use) is that kate handles remote file
> editing so well and quanta seems to be limited to the local file system
> (well, that and anything mounted via nfs).  ie. using kate, i can edit a
> file over ssh just by putting the directory in the file locator:
> fish://username:password@url:port/ and navigating to the file.
> is this limitation in quanta really there?  or have i missed something? 
> and if it is, why hasn't it been addressed?

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