Konqueror process forking

Fanying Jen fanying at fynet.com
Wed Aug 6 17:05:47 BST 2003

Just to give you additional information. The desktop is not running KDE
proper but it is running ICEWM. Konqueror is the only application of KDE
that is used and is merely used as a file manager. Once Konqueror closes
all application the Konqueror launches dies.

Here is the proceedure to reproduce this problem:

Set ICEWM or another non-KDE or Gnome windows manager as default
Start Konqueror
Find an OpenOffice document AND pdf document
Launch them both
Make sure xpdf and OpenOffice are launched with the appropiate document
Close Konqueror
Wait 30 to 60 secs
xpdf and OpenOffice should die

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