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> Salut Guillaume,

Salut hartwig :c)

> you did not say, which qt-version you use. I had the truble first when
> upgrading from kde-3.1.1 to 3.1.2 and now again to kde 3.1.3, because I
> allways also installed the qt-upgrade, what is necesary.

I use the backported package : libqt3 2:3.1.0-0+1

> But the SuSE-rpms I got, did not display the bitmaped-fonts that came with
> X (I also use XF-4.3). I had to delete the /etc/X11/qtrc and the
> ~/.qt/qtrc files. Then build qt from source. On rpm-based systems that is
> a rpm -bb qt.spec and rpm -U ../RPM/i386/qt3-....
> did the trick. Sometimes the last command needs a little help, as it might
> think, that you downgrade, or something like that..
> But be aware, that qt takes nearly one hour on my p4m-1,8G!

I send an email to the backporter and i told me that he has the same problem
due to a missing package. It is visibly due to a bad dependancy link in the *.deb packages. I'm looking after this mysterious missing package

> Please just let me know, if it does the trick for you too.

I'll try to rebuild the qt library if there is really no other solution
because of debian dependancies.
I found some new backported kde 3.1.3 packages 10 minutes ago, i'm gonna try

Regards, Guillaume ;-)

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