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Salut Guillaume,
you did not say, which qt-version you use. I had the truble first when
upgrading from kde-3.1.1 to 3.1.2 and now again to kde 3.1.3, because I
allways also installed the qt-upgrade, what is necesary.
But the SuSE-rpms I got, did not display the bitmaped-fonts that came with
X (I also use XF-4.3). I had to delete the /etc/X11/qtrc and the
~/.qt/qtrc files. Then build qt from source. On rpm-based systems that is
a rpm -bb qt.spec and rpm -U ../RPM/i386/qt3-....
did the trick. Sometimes the last command needs a little help, as it might
think, that you downgrade, or something like that..
But be aware, that qt takes nearly one hour on my p4m-1,8G!

Please just let me know, if it does the trick for you too.

cheers hartwig
On Fri, 1 Aug 2003, Guillaume Coeugnet wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I wonder if someone has ever try to install XFree 4.3 backported from sid
> and KDE 3.1 (from on a Debian. Cause i tried this and even if X
> works, there is no text at all in kde, just wide windows. Nothing in the
> menu, nothing in the initialisation screen, ... Only Kpersonalizer works
> fine with beautifull window and text inside ...
> I remove kde 3.1 to install kde 2.2 ( woody stable) and in this
> case all works perfectly.
> This evening i will try to install the stable version of Xfree (4.1) and the
> stable version of kde (3.1) Hope this will work.
> I don't know if it's related to kde or xfree but i think i have installed
> all required package.
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