Raising a KDE window from script

Derek Fountain derekfountain at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Apr 19 03:02:12 BST 2003

Is it possible to write a script which detects a running KDE program, and 
raises that window, rather than starting a new instance of a program? Like 
the numerous start-mozilla scripts out there.

I have an icon on kicker which starts krdc with a view onto my Windows box. 
Each time I click it I get a new kdrc view, whereas what I'd like is for an 
existing view to pop up if there is one.

"...our desktop is falling behind stability-wise and feature wise to KDE 
...when I went to Mexico in December to the facility where we launched gnome, 
they had all switched to KDE3." - Miguel de Icaza, March 2003

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