Install of 3.1.1 Goes Bad

1stFlight 1stflight at
Wed Apr 16 04:32:34 BST 2003

Sounds like you have the wrong version of Qt installed,  the KDE SuSE shipped 
with was 3.0.3  . I belive SuSE is rpm based if so, open a terminal window 
and type "rpm -qa | grep qt " if it returns anything besides 3.1.x , that's 
your problem. 


On Tuesday 15 April 2003 07:02 pm, Maceo Jourdan wrote:
> Greetings,
> I am a long-time windows user, migrating over to Linux. I have SuSE 8.1
> installed.
> I tried to update KDE to 3.1.1 without success, it seems. Several functions
> are inoperative (KDiskFree and KwikDisk won't start) and others like kMail
> crash repeatedly.
> Previous attempts to install gave various dependency errors.  I didn't
> think I was an idiot prior to this venture, although that is quickly coming
> under question.
> YaST doesn't seem to like installing to any ftp directory other than the
> built in selections so I downloaded the .rpm files in /base and executed
> rpm -U --nodeps *.rpm.
> Which didn't work... Ah!  I can FORCE IT!  So, I execute rpm -U --nodeps
> --force *.rpm.   Hmmm. Seems to work.  I then diligently proceed to apply
> that command line across /applications as well.  However, I still have
> various problems across most applications (instablity mostly).
> Is there a document somewhere I can read? Surgery I can have performed?
> Suggestions?  Perhaps Window$ has made me lazy...
> Thank you,
> Maceo Jourdan

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