Install of 3.1.1 Goes Bad

Maceo Jourdan maceo at
Wed Apr 16 00:02:23 BST 2003


I am a long-time windows user, migrating over to Linux. I have SuSE 8.1 installed.

I tried to update KDE to 3.1.1 without success, it seems. Several functions are inoperative (KDiskFree and KwikDisk won't start) and others like kMail crash repeatedly.

Previous attempts to install gave various dependency errors.  I didn't think I was an idiot prior to this venture, although that is quickly coming under question.

YaST doesn't seem to like installing to any ftp directory other than the built in selections so I downloaded the .rpm files in /base and executed rpm -U --nodeps *.rpm. 

Which didn't work... Ah!  I can FORCE IT!  So, I execute rpm -U --nodeps --force *.rpm.   Hmmm. Seems to work.  I then diligently proceed to apply that command line across /applications as well.  However, I still have various problems across most applications (instablity mostly).

Is there a document somewhere I can read? Surgery I can have performed? Suggestions?  Perhaps Window$ has made me lazy...

Thank you,

Maceo Jourdan
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