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Filippo Spanò filippo.spano at
Tue Apr 15 09:43:17 BST 2003

hallo Ingo, JRT and all ng kde;

All you need! I'm with no hope!

Ok. This is the situation: I've the first partition /dev/hda1
(here there is Win2000P) mounted in my linux system.

file:/mnt/win2000/Documents and Settings/Administrator/Documenti/

(please don't care about link)

I use the directory of documents under which I use other dir. for my files. 
All works, but,when I open the "it" dir under "" dir
(it's my site which I'm working on with macromedia from win2000p), konqueror does not see any files!!! :-(

It's very absolutely strange!

Under "" there are:
"es" 	 (Espana dir), "ukusa (Un. Kin. dir), "fr" (France dir), "de" (Deut. dir)

all files in dir are visible, except files in "it" dir

It's a bug of kde or a bug of my country????!!!!!

I tried to move the dir in desktop, to another partition, but...nothing :-(
I tried to rename dir from "" to "Felipe" only, but...nothing :-(
I tried to rename the sub dir from "it" to "ita", but...nothing :-(
I discovered that in file association "it" and "IT" files were associated
with audio application; so I removed the association, but...nothing :-(

It's not a problem of linux, because Nautilus works perfectly :-(
and works perfectly also mozilla, but it's not a file manager :-( 

So to see the files in dir, I'm forced to run Nautilus and after the work, I'm
another time forced to close it from shell and reboot the system :-(

Plese tell me something before I kill my self!!!!!

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