kdeinit problem with KDE + Mozilla running 24x7

Zdenek Svoboda zdenek.svoboda at centrum.cz
Tue Apr 15 18:05:20 BST 2003

I have a Debian server with KDE 2.2.2 and Mozilla running 24x7 with
only remote (SSH) access to the server. Recently I have experienced
some strange behaviour of the kdeinit process:
After running Mozilla, the pstree command shows that the parent of
Mozilla is kdeinit. That's probably OK, but after approximately 20
days of uptime the kdeinit started to respawn new and new Mozilla
processes in the interval of few minutes so that they exhausted all
memory and every new process got killed by the Linux VM manager. When
I discovered this the same day, I killed all the mozilla processes on
the system, but left the kdeinit running. After few minutes kdeinit
spawned a new family of mozilla processes and repeated this again and
again... So I killed and restarted the whole KDE (now running third
day without a problem) and now I'm looking for some explanation or
solution. Does anybody have any idea?
Zdenek Svoboda

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