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Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Mon Apr 14 22:01:00 BST 2003

On Montag, 14. April 2003 22:25, Pol wrote:
> Hi
> I am a new kde user, so maybe the following considerations are
> naively due to my incomplete knowledge of kde desktop. Anyway
> here are suggestions i would like to give to developers to improve
> the window manager and the file manager (konqueror)
> Window manager:
>  -  customizing contents in the title bar
>       This would be useful when using using konqueror to open
> directories. What is really relavant in that case is the name of the
> directory, No path nor 'konqueror' recalling the application name; the
> folder name is  enough, since that is usually the title reflecting a
> common topic to all contained files.

This not not in the scope of the window manager.
Applications are the one responsible for their captions.

>  - binding action to  'click and move' operation, as in fvwm2
>    I would like to click-and-move on the frame of a window to shift its
>    horizontal position without changing its position in the vertical
> stack. That  would allow to spot window without bringing to surface the
> whole cumbersome area.
>    I would also like to click-and-move on the frame to shift windows.

I think you can set that in Control Center
Desktop->Windowproperties (maybe something different, translating from a 
German setting)

> Konqueror
>  - I would like to preserve view customization based on the name of the
>    displayed directory.
>    That is i would like directory  /home/pol/Notes  to be displayed
> always with the same setting, e.g. no navigation bar, no location bar,
> icon positions preserved, openend windows in tabs preserved.

Hmm, try Settings->Save View settings for directory


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