window manager and konqueror

Pol mediadesk at
Mon Apr 14 21:25:08 BST 2003


I am a new kde user, so maybe the following considerations are
naively due to my incomplete knowledge of kde desktop. Anyway
here are suggestions i would like to give to developers to improve
the window manager and the file manager (konqueror)

Window manager: 
 -  customizing contents in the title bar
      This would be useful when using using konqueror to open directories.
       What is really relavant in that case is the name of the directory, 
       No path nor 'konqueror' recalling the application name; the 
       folder name is  enough, since that is usually the title reflecting
       a common topic to all contained files.

 - binding action to  'click and move' operation, as in fvwm2
   I would like to click-and-move on the frame of a window to shift its
   horizontal position without changing its position in the vertical stack. 
   That  would allow to spot window without bringing to surface the whole 
   cumbersome area.          
   I would also like to click-and-move on the frame to shift windows. 


 - I would like to preserve view customization based on the name of the 
   displayed directory.
   That is i would like directory  /home/pol/Notes  to be displayed always
   with the same setting, e.g. no navigation bar, no location bar, 
   icon positions preserved, openend windows in tabs preserved. 

 - possibilty to filter out files from the directory view, based on 
   regexp matching file names or on file types. 
   It would be useful to be able to switch across more views of one folder
   content (e.g. viewing only docs, docs+pictures, ...) 

thank you 


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