cut off or wrong orientation with multiple pages print filter

Chris Jensen chris-kde at
Sun Apr 13 11:31:57 BST 2003

I'm using cups with KDE. I spent a good deal of today trying to print off some 
power point overheads with the multiple pages print filter. 
The overheads are in postscript and pdf format, they are kind of landscape A4 
(however big MS powerpoint normally makes a slide) I tried 4, 6 and 8 pages 
with the filter, but I end up with them being printed longways on landscape 
A4 with the right most ones cut in half at the edge of the paper.
I modified the filter to specify the -f option to psnup, this resulted in the 
overheads being oriented lognways on A4 paper, but they were upside down  - 
fine i can turn the page upside down - but they end up out of order - the 
first slide being on the top right.
These results were all viewed by preveiwing, I didn't actuall print any off.
Does anyone know how to print up slides so that multiple (preferably 6 or 8) 
can be fitted (wholly) on to one page and in the right order?

Chris Jensen

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