javascript only partially works (3.1.0)

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Thu Apr 10 01:55:24 BST 2003

Nick THOMPSON wrote:
> Hi,
> In KDE3.1.0 (self built for RH7.2) I seem to have only partially
> functioning javascript support. Have I done something wrong?
> There are many example I have but they are usually hidden behind private
> logins, but I found a good example today (though you need to pretend to
> be IE on windblows to be let in):
> On this page there is a working javascript based menu on the left, but
> on the right there are several "click here" and a "sign up" button, that
> I think are javascript based and not one of them works. In fact using
> the menu you can get to many of the required features anyway, but that's
> not a good thing to rely on.
> Is this a bug or have I configured something incorrectly?
I can't be sure since I currently don't have WINE running IE, but this appears to load correctly.

It is possible that the problem is with Java not JaveScript.  This is quite likely if they are 
all secure (HTTPS) sites.

If so, the simple fix is to install the latest JRE from Sun which includes the JSSE that is 
needed to run Java on a secure site.


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