Re: Re: [kde] Re: R: [kde] R: [kde]à è ì ò ù- SEMI-SOLVED

Filippo Spanò filippo.spano at
Mon Apr 7 08:19:43 BST 2003

Hallo Micheal and Kde Group,

probabily is a locales problems.

But in which file must I modify "locales" from UTF-8 to It_IT ecc?

In MAN, "special characters" are not displayed; in header of 
GUI-windows it's the same. In place of them, appear
a little square :-(



> why also in my man pages the specials characters are not displayed?
> why in place of theme appeaer a little SQUARE?!?
> why also in the header of the KDE-GUI-WINDOWS appeaer a little square 
> in place of à è etc?!?
> I use KDE 3.0.x, RH8, italian distro
I got into some trouble after the update to rh8 at fonts using Unicode, after changing /etc/sysconfig/i18 entry "SYSFONT" to  SYSFONT="lat9w-16" all my trouble went off. Only a guess , but perhaps this may help? Michael
PS: all my locales are not UTF, just de_DE at euro

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