Slack 9, KDE, and Xinerama

Faiyaz Ahmed faiyaz at
Tue Apr 1 12:11:42 BST 2003

I have just upgraded to slackware-current (which i believe is slackware 9) and 
have noticed quite a few changes. The kde packages in slackware are now 
Xinerama aware; the kicker panel can now be docked to a single monitor. This 
is an option i DONT want. I want it to go back to spanning multiple monitors. 
I poked around in the kicker panel options and saw options for panel 
placement and which monitor to dock to, but nothing about spanning. I also 
went as far as to doctor my config files in my home directory and removed all 
mentions of Xinerama. This had no affect. Also, kdm only appears in one 
monitor instead of across both; this too is something i dont want. How do I 
make KDE stupid to my multi-head setup. I want to go back to the way it was 
where everything was spanned. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


PS. Xinerama isnt even loaded. Im using a gforce4 with the nvidia drivers 
which support true multihead displays all done in hardware.

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