RE: [kde] à è ì ò ù

Tako Schotanus quintesse at
Tue Apr 1 12:16:01 BST 2003

> Filippo Spanò wrote:
> > Hello to all of kde!
> > 
> > I use a lot (I hope english is ok!) text editor, to use 
> theme at home
> > from office where I save files in winzoz,
> > 
> > but, saving a file with characters like in object, e.g. 
> Gesù, Malibù,
> > etc, the kde-linux doesn't open them and tell me:
> > 
> > "the file is not avaiable"
> How do you try to open them? By clicking on them in Konqueror? Do you 
> see the ù, etc. in the file names?

I had the same problem with a file which has the spanish ~n in it.
Or at least I think it had because it didn't show up.
The only thing I could see was a file like "foo (spanish - espaol).mp3"
where the missing ~n in espa~nol suggested that somewhere something had
gone wrong. Trying to play the file using KDE resulted in "file not
found" errors. Trying to rename the file resulted in the same error. I
finally had to rename it using the shell before KDE wanted to accept it.
NB: I didn't see a ~n in the shell either so maybe some other
combination of characters confused KDE?

I'm using RH8 with KDE 3.1.1 but the error also showed up when I was
still using KDE 3.1


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