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Tom Hale thale at gfs.com
Fri Sep 20 13:36:48 BST 2002

I have some weird issues running KDE 3.0.3 on a Tru64 5.1A System. 
First, I have dual monitors setup without running Xinerama and the
desktop background on display :0.0 doesn't update correctly if I start
using that display.  The bitmap changes, but the screen doesn't repaint.

Second, Everynight for the last 2 weeks, my system has crashed without
logging any messages to the log files on why and I can't seem to find
any reason for it.
Third, it seems that I didn't get a complete implementation of QT when
I downloaded KDE.  I am missing some headers that are tested for by the
configure scripts of various apps that I have tried to compile.  I have
tried compiling QT 3.0.4 and QT 3.0.5 but can't seem to get either to
Any help would be much appreciated as I am at my wits end and will be
switching back to CDE if I can't get some of these issues resolved.

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