installing ksnapshot

Sandra Stoenescu sstoenes at
Thu Sep 19 20:25:32 BST 2002

I'm trying to get screen shots under a Red Hat LINUX environment.  I tried installing kuickshow-0.8.1-1.src.rpm, kdelibs-3.0.3-0.7.alpha.rpm, and ksnapshot-3.0.3-0.7.alpha.rpm, but when I try to type: 

'rpm -ivh ksnapshot-3.0.3-0.7.alpha.rpm'         or
'rpm -ivh kdelibs-3.0.3-0.7.alpha.rpm'

I get error messages that a bunch of library files are required.  Where can I find these library files and/or how can I solve this problem?


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