Konsole and the Korn Shell Help

Steven W. Orr steveo at syslang.net
Thu Sep 19 23:09:41 BST 2002

On Thu, 19 Sep 2002, Weston M. Price wrote:

=>	I use the Korn shell (ksh93) as my primary shell. I my .profile file I have 
=>the following variable declaration
=>VISUAL=${whence emacs)
=>export VISUAL
=>This allows for emacs editing mode without having to explicitly set it every 
=>time I need a new terminal. This works fine on a terminal login, but when I 
=>use Konsole this variable is not being set properly, in fact, the variable 
=>doesn't seem to be recognized by Konsole at all. Does anyone have any 
=>suggestions about what I may be doing wrong? Thanks.
Yes. There's a bug in Red Hat 7.3 which causes the environment to not be 
the same for jobs started by KDE as jobs run from a console. The fix is in 
the startkde script. I put a copy of my startkde in 

See if that helps you.

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