KDE and upgrading.

DSC@Siltec dscpubl at siltec.lt
Tue Sep 17 16:42:01 BST 2002

Okay -- I've got _________ OS (sorry, by the rules of the listserver
I'm not allowed to say) with KDE 2.2.2, if I remember correctly.

Anyhow, I've got a sound server problem that people aren't really 
going to be able to answer, (the error indicates CPU overload), 
because my version of KDE is too early.  However, my OS doesn't 
ship KDE 3.x.x with its stable version.  So I might want to upgrade.

What's the best way of doing the upgrade?  You can answer for your 
specific system and mention it there, I expect.  The question will 
then be general, with lots of specific answers, possibly one for 

   - Michael
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