KDE 3.0.0 bug on RH73?

Jiann-Ming Su jsu2 at emory.edu
Tue Sep 17 16:24:30 BST 2002

We just encountered a strange problem.  When users login to the console on
the server, the KDE desktop is fine.  When I display the desktop to my
remote cygwin box, the desktop is okay.  However, when my coworker displays
his desktop to his local cygwin, kde icons no longer show up.  On the
taskbar, he can click in the area where the icons should be, and the 
application will run.  Any idea what's causing this problem?  Thanks for
any tips.  Also, how do I report bugs in KDE?  http://bugs.kde.org doesn't
seem to be very useful.

Jiann-Ming Su  jsu2 at emory.edu  404-712-2603
Development Team Systems Administrator
General Libraries Systems Division

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