redhat's new desktop policy

Andreas Pour pour at
Tue Sep 17 05:13:49 BST 2002

Jim Hines wrote:
> On Monday 16 September 2002 05:05 pm, Amir Tal wrote:
> > you all (i am guessing here..) read slashdot, so i guess you saw the
> > article speaking about the new policy RH are taking in their new beta.
> > i switched to debian a few weeks ago, so i couldnt care less what RH are
> > doing on their future releases, but i do find it kind of offensive that
> > they have the nurve (yes, i do believe its nurve) to decide for their users
> > what will their desktop look like.
> This is exactly what the GPL was written for. If they want to make changes,
> they are perfectly welcome to, thanks to that license. Would you rather have
> software that you are not allowed to make changes too?
> This doesn't bother me too much, I would like to continue with my current
> desktop, and I will still have the option. I will just simply choose not to
> use RH WM installation. I praise them for exercising their rights under the
> GPL.

I'm sure MS is joining in the celebration.  Another split of the Linux desktop
- if they are really lucky Sun will release its own incompatible version. 
Then we'll have so many versions to choose from, nobody can write a book on
the Linux desktop, nobody can go to a course to learn to use it, etc.

There is a reason that MS has been successful:  standards.  Every departure
from a standad makes MS stronger.  Yes, they will be celebrating 9.0 in


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