redhat's new desktop policy

Jim Hines jhines at
Tue Sep 17 14:36:27 BST 2002

On Tuesday 17 September 2002 12:13 am, Andreas Pour wrote:
> Jim Hines wrote:
> > This is exactly what the GPL was written for. If they want to make
> > changes, they are perfectly welcome to, thanks to that license. Would you
> > rather have software that you are not allowed to make changes too?
> >
> > This doesn't bother me too much, I would like to continue with my current
> > desktop, and I will still have the option. I will just simply choose not
> > to use RH WM installation. I praise them for exercising their rights
> > under the GPL.
> I'm sure MS is joining in the celebration.  Another split of the Linux
> desktop - if they are really lucky Sun will release its own incompatible
> version. Then we'll have so many versions to choose from, nobody can write
> a book on the Linux desktop, nobody can go to a course to learn to use it,
> etc.

I don't recall the RH paper saying anthing about either WM being incompatible. 
In fact, the whole purpose of this desktop project is to increase 
compatibility. I believe you are confusing people with your FUD.

> There is a reason that MS has been successful:  standards.  Every departure
> from a standad makes MS stronger.  Yes, they will be celebrating 9.0 in
> Redmond.

Microsoft has been successful for one reason only.....MARKETING. Nothing more, 
nothing less. If Redhat, or any Linux company for that matter, would hire the 
best marketing director they can afford with a huge budget, they would be 
much better off.

Good marketing proved that Microsoft can not only sell shit sandwiches, but 
people will actually /think/ they like them too. 

Jim Hines
Redhat Linux v7.3
2.4.18 kernel
1.4ghz Athlon/256mb DDR 

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