Equivalent of Sawfish "Run shell command" in KDE?

Gerhard den Hollander gerhard at jason.nl
Mon Sep 2 18:52:52 BST 2002

* Colin P McMillen <mcmi0037 at tc.umn.edu> (Mon, Sep 02, 2002 at 11:40:30AM -0500)

> My primary use for this is to bind Ctrl+(F9-F12) to the commands
> xmms --rew, 
> xmms --play, 
> xmms --stop,
> xmms --fwd

> and for some obscure shortcuts to launch certain programs (I'd like to do 
> Ctrl-Alt-M for KMail, for example.)

> Is there any way of doing this within the KDE system? If not, could
> someone tell me where I might be able to look in the KDE source code to
> add it? :)

I now have one of those M$ internet keyboards (they're cheap and good
enough) and bound the extra keys to these kind of functionalities.

The basic trick is to include an extra step.

1) define a menu entry (using kmenuedit) for each command that you want
2) assign the relevant shortcut to the menu entry.

If you have a M$ internet keyboard (or a logitech or whatever with those
extra keys you'll have to:

1) make sure you have no custom keyboard defined
2) use xev to see which keyboard events are being generated 
| KeyPress event, serial 27, synthetic NO, window 0xe00001,
|    root 0x68, subw 0x0, time 196859132, (122,97), root:(184,117),
|    state 0x0, keycode 67 (keysym 0xffbe, F1), same_screen YES,
|    XLookupString gives 0 characters:  ""
3) edit your .xmodmaprc to map the keycode to F13 and upward
*below is mine for a M$ inet keyboard)
! caps lock sucks
remove Lock = Caps_Lock
! internet keyboard keys
! Back
keycode 234 = F13
! Forward
keycode 233 = F14
! Stop
keycode 232 = F15
! Mail
keycode 236 = F16
! Search
keycode 229 = F17
! Favorites
keycode 230 = F18
! Homepage
keycode 178 = F19
! MyComputer
keycode 235 = F20
! Calculator
keycode 161 = F21
! Sleep
keycode 223 = F22

And then ensure that xmodmap ~/.xmodmaprc is run upon entering kde
(e.g. by having a relevant entry in your autostart folder)


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