Equivalent of Sawfish "Run shell command" in KDE?

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Mon Sep 2 20:31:10 BST 2002

Le Lundi 2 Septembre 2002 18:40, Colin P McMillen a écrit :
> I've recently made the switch from GNOME to KDE (again; I've used both 
> off and on for a couple of years now), and there's still one piece of 
> functionality that seems to be lacking in KDE 3.0.3 -- an equivalent of 
> Sawfish's "Run shell command" keyboard shortcut.
> This command is not the same as KDE's "Run Command" window (typically
> activated by pressing Alt-F2).  Sawfish's "Run shell command" requires the
> user to type in a command name in the keyboard shortcut configurator, 
> which is then run whenever the shortcut is pressed.
> My primary use for this is to bind Ctrl+(F9-F12) to the commands
> xmms --rew, 
> xmms --play, 
> xmms --stop,
> xmms --fwd
You can install xmms-kde, it is an applet that is docked to the kicker, and 
when it is running (placed in the kicker or child panel) you can configure it 
to have keyboard shortcuts associated with rew, fwd, play..... 
> and for some obscure shortcuts to launch certain programs (I'd like to do 
> Ctrl-Alt-M for KMail, for example.)
To associated a keyboard shortcut, you can go to yout menu configurator and 
select the application which you would like to have a keyboard shortcurt 
associated. There is an option there to enable quick-launch with a keyboard 
> Is there any way of doing this within the KDE system? If not, could
> someone tell me where I might be able to look in the KDE source code to
> add it? :)

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