Equivalent of Sawfish "Run shell command" in KDE?

Colin P McMillen mcmi0037 at tc.umn.edu
Mon Sep 2 17:40:30 BST 2002

I've recently made the switch from GNOME to KDE (again; I've used both 
off and on for a couple of years now), and there's still one piece of 
functionality that seems to be lacking in KDE 3.0.3 -- an equivalent of 
Sawfish's "Run shell command" keyboard shortcut.

This command is not the same as KDE's "Run Command" window (typically
activated by pressing Alt-F2).  Sawfish's "Run shell command" requires the
user to type in a command name in the keyboard shortcut configurator, 
which is then run whenever the shortcut is pressed.

My primary use for this is to bind Ctrl+(F9-F12) to the commands
xmms --rew, 
xmms --play, 
xmms --stop,
xmms --fwd

and for some obscure shortcuts to launch certain programs (I'd like to do 
Ctrl-Alt-M for KMail, for example.)

Is there any way of doing this within the KDE system? If not, could
someone tell me where I might be able to look in the KDE source code to
add it? :)

Colin McMillen
Research Assistant, Center for Distributed Robotics
University of Minnesota
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