KDM - Howto reboot a remote XTerminal?

Marvin GodfatherofSoul Bellamy mbellamy at kc.rr.com
Wed Sep 11 21:16:30 BST 2002

KDM has a way via the login manager (in the control center) to set what 
permissions users have to things like shutdowns.  This stops the 
reboot/shutdown options from displaying at the login.  Control center 
also has a way to prevent logout shutdowns (can't remember where).

Alexander Puchmayr wrote:

>Hi folks!
>I've got a pool of X-Terminals, which are boind via query-XDCMP to a rather 
>big server. 
>The intuitive way to reboot such a xterminal would be to configure KDM to 
>show a reboot/shutdown option. 
>kdmrc has the fields:
>When leaving this untouched, the user reboots the server, which is 
>definitely not what he (and me as the admin) wants.
>Is there some variable or place holder for the IP of the terminal that kdm 
>I though of something like
>HaltCmd=/usr/local/sbin/halt_terminal.sh $REMOTEIP
>RebootCmd=/usr/local/sbin/reboot_terminal.sh $REMOTEIP
>with both scripts sending the actual reboot/halt command via 
>rsa-authenticated ssh-commands to the actual terminal.
>Thanks in advance
>	Alex Puchmayr

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