KDM - Howto reboot a remote XTerminal?

Alexander Puchmayr alexander.puchmayr at jku.at
Thu Sep 12 17:30:54 BST 2002

Am Mittwoch, 11. September 2002 22:16 schrieb Marvin GodfatherofSoul 
> KDM has a way via the login manager (in the control center) to set what
> permissions users have to things like shutdowns.  This stops the
> reboot/shutdown options from displaying at the login.  Control center
> also has a way to prevent logout shutdowns (can't remember where).
Thanks for the answer, but I knew that already. 

Having no shutdown button at all implies that the user _knows_ that he/she 
has to switch into a console by pressing CTRL_ALT_F1 and then CTRL_ALT_ESC. 
Since a windows-guy usually does not know that, he/she simply switches the 
terminal off. A correctly working shutdown button would simplify this task


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