KDE 3.0 Problems: launching Galeon from KMail and shutting system down

Michael Leone turgon at mike-leone.com
Thu Sep 5 14:10:41 BST 2002

Jeremy Lunn said:
> I just installed Debian along with KDE 3.0 on my mum's computer.

KDE 3.0 is not officially available for Debian. Oh, there are debs around,
but they have not come from official Debian developers.  Even if they
were, they'd only be available in the "unstable" branch. IOW, you're a bit
on your own with KDE 3 on Debian, but ...

> requirement because I got into enough trouble for not having the old
> saved passwords from Windows in place (she would have lost them anyway
> because Windows needed reinstalling after a hard drive crash).  I've

I presume you want something like the Password Manager? You could always
write them down, and leave them next to the computer ...

> I've already been told from the point of view of an end user that
> "Linux" is just no good and it's too hard.  It's mainly these little

I've been told that Elvis is a space alien and still alive, working at a
Burger King in Mississippi.

People get told a lot of things, don't they? <G>

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