KDE 3.0 Problems: launching Galeon from KMail and shutting system down

Jeremy Lunn jeremy at austux.net
Thu Sep 5 11:33:25 BST 2002

I just installed Debian along with KDE 3.0 on my mum's computer.  If KDE
is supposed to be the most user friendly Linux/*nix environment then
Linux is unfortunately a long way off being user friendly.  :(

I would have used Konquerer as the browser, however I found that it
couldn't save passwords like Galeon can.  This would seem to be a
requirement because I got into enough trouble for not having the old
saved passwords from Windows in place (she would have lost them anyway
because Windows needed reinstalling after a hard drive crash).  I've
also heard that Konquerer doesn't render as well as Galeon, unless it's
setup to use Mozilla as a backend, in which case it apparently looses
features and never has the full feature-set of Galeon.  If this is not
the case and if it can save passwords then I might go back to using
Konquerer because I prefer to have a more standard interface across the
board.  I'd still however have the dilemma of transferring saved
passwords and bookmarks from Galeon (might be fine if passwords are
saved by Mozilla and if bookmarks can be imported from Galeon).

However, for the moment I have been trying to use Galeon so in kcontrol
I configured HTML files to be opened with Galeon.  In KMail when a URL
is clicked, instead of passing a http:// URL to Galeon it passes a
file:///home/username/.kde/tmp/something URL which Galeon reports as
non-existent.  Is there some way around this?

The other problem is that sometimes it can take several attempts to
shutdown from KDE (from the Logout dialogue).  I suspected that it may
have been a problem terminating an application or getting an application
to save session details, however manually closing all applications
didn't fix it.  Sometimes the whole interface even freezes up and I have
to press CTRL+ALT+DEL to kill X, after which the shutdown process starts
by itself.  What would be the problem here?

I've already been told from the point of view of an end user that
"Linux" is just no good and it's too hard.  It's mainly these little
things that are the problem and I think my mum already wants to go back
to Windows.  She won't accept having to copy/paste URLs from KMail to
Galeon or having to press CTRL+ALT+DEL.  If there's no way around it or
no fix in the near future I'm not sure what I'll do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Jeremy Lunn

Jeremy Lunn
Melbourne, Australia
Homepage: http://www.austux.net/
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