kde3.1 beta (any beta testers mailing list?)

Andreas Pour pour at mieterra.com
Thu Sep 5 03:55:23 BST 2002

MH wrote:
> I noticed that there is a 3.1-alpha mailing list, but is quite 'dead'.
> I would like to know if there is a beta-testers specific list. 

Not that I know of.

> I've been
> using 3.1b since it has been released and upgraded to cvs several times, and
> I have found about several bugs, some sever, some 'anti-productive', some
> just cosmetic. But I dont want to 'spam' the bug system and would like to
> compare my results first with other people so that I can be sure that it is a
> bug and not a setting problem.

You should submit these bugs to the bugs system.  Yes, they may be
system-specific, but reporting bugs is what the bug system is for. 
What's really needed is a "bug squad" to weed out duplicate, fixed and
unreproduceable bugs, which is what you are hinting at I take it, but it
would be more useful to integrate this into the bug system then to set
up a list for particular releases.  All it takes is volunteers :-).


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