kde3.1 beta (any beta testers mailing list?)

MH listinfo at club-internet.fr
Wed Sep 4 16:13:14 BST 2002

I noticed that there is a 3.1-alpha mailing list, but is quite 'dead'.
I would like to know if there is a beta-testers specific list. I''ve been 
using 3.1b since it has been released and upgraded to cvs several times, and 
I have found about several bugs, some sever, some 'anti-productive', some 
just cosmetic. But I dont want to 'spam' the bug system and would like to 
compare my results first with other people so that I can be sure that it is a 
bug and not a setting problem.

here is a little list of bugs (not exhaustive as some bugs need more long 
	1.The tip system on some applications such as kmail, konsole (and probably 
others, I can go further if need be) is not diplaying as it should be : the 
witdh of the pop-up windows goes beyond my screen size and it (the width of 
the tip window) can not be resized, to close it you need to move the window 
to the left in order to reach the 'close' button.
	2.Xkill doesn't kill : only kill the window but no the process.
	3.kuser can not add a new user....
...	4.konsole-plugin in konqueror : del key doesn't del the char after the 
cursor, but want to del the file selected in the file browser, even thought 
my active window is the konsole-plugin....
	5.Kmail : problem with collapse : can not collapse one thread, all-or-nothing 
only. and the [+] is not shown on the start-thread..

and so on ......
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