cannot change MIME type ?

Wolfram Brenig w.brenig at
Mon Sep 2 09:08:41 BST 2002

I cannot get any of the MIME types in my kde2.2.1
to change:
if I use any of the usual means i.e. konqueror or the
control center and invoke the file association menu
and try to change any of the settings, say, application
preference order, file name patterns or other things
and then click on apply or ok in any order
possible, the settings seem to be accepted but
actually nothing changes, i.e. the previous
file association patterns and applications
just remain as they were, and in fact, once I reopen
the file association menu it has just remained the
same as before. This is particularly
strange since some time ago I did change some
of the MIME types without any problem.

Any help on this would be most appreciated.
Thanks, Wolfram

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