Setting file permissions

Mariusz Pekala skoot at
Sat Jun 29 21:24:54 BST 2002

Dnia sob 29. czerwiec 2002 09:41, Shaun Jackman napisaƂ:
> I think you're on the right track with setting the umask. The problem
> is that bashrc isn't sourced for KDE as a whole.
> Just think about it a sec. KDE runs perfectly well without bash
> installed, which means it can't rely on a bash configuration file to
> configure itself. Sort of a catch-22.
> Unfortunately, I can't tell you what the correct file is. Somebody
> here might be able to tell you. Perhaps .xinitrc?

Some investigation:
issue a command 'ps -ef'
You'll see a process '/bin/sh /usr/bin/startkde' that is a child of X diplay 
-:0 (I mean - I see this. Probably you will seee this too. It depends on your 
It suggests that it may be one of the first KDE processes. It's a script, so 
you can modify it.
See what it's doing. I guess that adding 'umask' just before this script 
starts 'ksplash' would be a safe thing.
I haven't tested it - do it on your own risk. :-)

Can you write it in a way that the umask is set different for each user? Need 


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