aRTs server - was (Re: Large file copies using too much CPU time)

Adam Luchjenbroers adam at
Mon Jun 24 03:30:14 BST 2002

On Monday 24 June 2002 10:29 am, Terry wrote:
> aRTs was a good idea that has gone awry. I think we need a different
> approach for a sound server in KDE.

Hmm, I run without aRTs because it interferes with some applications attempts 
to use the sound. (DivX player Alpha 2.0, to name one). Because it takes 
control of the sound-card all non-aRTs enabled programs see it as busy.

I just have LookNFeel>System Notifications use an external player ( a script 
called sndplay that calls aplay)

aplay -N $1

so that runs APlay in non-blocking mode so that It doesn't interfere with 
other sound.

aRTs should be a simple wrapper, any advanced functionality would be better 
contributed to ALSA.
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