root look & feel

terry tg5027 at
Wed Jun 19 14:06:32 BST 2002

>>  What on earth is the problem? RIght click on your desktop and
>> choose another wallpaper, as well as another background color,
>> just as you would as any other user.
>>  I'm on SuSE right now and just tried it, it works perfectly
>> normally.

right, i should have specified kde 3.0, SuSE 8.0.  it worked fine 
before back to 1.4 on 6.0 for users and root.  try restarting 
your root session and watch it come back to red and bombs.  i 
just think it's a silly waste of time to put special code in for 
such an intrusive purpose.

>>  Does it really take all that much brain power to figre that
>> out?

uncalled for nastyness.... you shoulda looked further

>>  Oh, and bu the way: Don't run as root. That's why the ugly
>> wall paper is there, to scare you away.
>>  Log in as a normal user and use su - and sux to do what you
>> need to as root.

the first part of the answer is that i've installed hundreds of 
systems (many long before there was a *nix) as a fully empowered 
system manager.  it's my decision to run as root/administrator/or 
whatever, and i haven't f*cked anything up for years.  i don't 
scare easily...

further, if the kde 'root' tools (like konqueror - super user 
mode) didn't crash so much i would use them from a user account.  
sure terminal windows work, but it's a little silly to do 80% of 
my work using a gui then switch to terminal mode to do the same 
things as root.

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