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Glen Lee Edwards glen at
Fri Jun 21 18:20:40 BST 2002

> The best reasons to not run as root that I got were:
> 1.  You learn more about Linux by running as a normal user.   You are
> forced to understand the difference in privileges, and since Linux
> was **designed** to be run as a user, you can "grok it in fullness"
> better by running as a user.
> 2.  You learn to appreciate what a typical user experiences when you
> run as a user.   This makes you more humble, and makes you a better
> system administrator.
> Because of this, I decided 2 weeks ago to run as a user.   So far, it
> hasn't been too bad.    You're not dancing with the devil if you run
> as root, but I think that running as a user is better in most (but
> **NOT ALL**) circumstances.

The intent of my letter was not to encourage everyone to run as root.  
It was to state that some of us have no choice, because what we're 
required to do you can't do as a user.  And that those who program 
punishments into the system for those who run as root should be forced 
to spend all their time at the computer with those punishments fully 

You should never do from root what you can do as a user.  If you do, you 
have to be willing to accept the consequences.

Have a great weekend!!!

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