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Dylan dylan at
Wed Jun 19 15:00:34 BST 2002

On Wednesday 19 June 2002 14:06, terry wrote:
> >>  What on earth is the problem? RIght click on your desktop and
> >> choose another wallpaper, as well as another background color,
> >> just as you would as any other user.
> >>  I'm on SuSE right now and just tried it, it works perfectly
> >> normally.
> right, i should have specified kde 3.0, SuSE 8.0.  it worked fine
> before back to 1.4 on 6.0 for users and root.  try restarting
> your root session and watch it come back to red and bombs.  i
> just think it's a silly waste of time to put special code in for
> such an intrusive purpose.

They (SuSE) havent added special code, they've omitted a file. It's in the 
SuSE support database (search for KDE and version 8.0) where it says (I 
think) to

touch /root/.skel/kdebase3

Hey presto!

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