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On Tuesday, 18. June 2002 22:17, Dolson,Joan \[PYR\] wrote:
> Our users move to different Linux workstations frequently depending on
> which "desk" they are manning on a particular day. They would like to
> save their KDE desktop settings and retrieve them on whichever machine
> they are using for the day so that their applications automatically
> start up on the particular KDE desktop and position that they like. We
> are using Red Hat Linux 7.2 with KDE 2.2-10 and the applications they
> run are non-KDE apps. We have about 25 users who rotate between 8
> workstations and only one administrator so we would like to find a way
> to centralize saving and retrieving the desktop settings.

If the logon to machines on the same network, you can easily have the 
home directories on a server and mount them vai NFS.

User specific settings of programs are always saved to the suers home 
directory, so this is independend of KDE.

> Additionally, we would like to prevent users from changing certain KDE
> settings such as the Window Behavior because our applications require
> certain settings.

have a look at the kde-kiosk mailing list.
It is for system which have to prevent certain configuration 
A lot of sysadmins with similar needs are subscribed there,


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