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Miguel Angelo Rozsas miguel at
Wed Jun 19 20:17:14 BST 2002

Dear Joan,

I believe you can setup each workstation to be a NFS server and client,
and each of one will host a few users (3 users x 7 hosts + 4 users x 1

Using automounter, the right filesystem can be mounted on the fly at the
login time. 

In the server side you must move the home dirs to something like
/export/home/{user1,user2,user3} and export/share the dir /export/home
to the others. 

In the client side, each workstation must automount 
servern:/export/home/user in /home/user. (there is a short cut using &
and * - take a look in autofs(5) man page for the details) 

user1      -rw,soft,intr     server1:/export/home/user1 
user2      -rw,soft,intr     server1:/export/home/user2 
user3      -rw,soft,intr     server1:/export/home/user3 
user4      -rw,soft,intr     server2:/export/home/user4 
user25     -rw,soft,intr     server4:/export/home/user25 

Using this schema, any user can use his/her home dir in any workstation
in the same way (always will be /home/user). All users will have a
single home dir, not a different home dir in each workstation. So, the
settings will follow the user in all workstations.

I don't know a way to prevent users from changing the KDE settings. May
be some else can help you with this issue.

sorry about any mistakes in my text. English isn't my native language.

best regards from Brazil,

On Tue, 2002-06-18 at 17:17, Dolson,Joan [PYR] wrote: 
> Our users move to different Linux workstations frequently depending on which
> "desk" they are manning on a particular day. They would like to save their
> KDE desktop settings and retrieve them on whichever machine they are using
> for the day so that their applications automatically start up on the
> particular KDE desktop and position that they like. We are using Red Hat
> Linux 7.2 with KDE 2.2-10 and the applications they run are non-KDE apps. We
> have about 25 users who rotate between 8 workstations and only one
> administrator so we would like to find a way to centralize saving and
> retrieving the desktop settings.
> Additionally, we would like to prevent users from changing certain KDE
> settings such as the Window Behavior because our applications require
> certain settings.
> Does anyone know if either of the above can be done, and if so, where I can
> get how-to information.
> Regards,
> Joan Dolson
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