Roaming User Profiles

Dolson,Joan [PYR] Joan.Dolson at
Tue Jun 18 21:17:34 BST 2002

Our users move to different Linux workstations frequently depending on which
"desk" they are manning on a particular day. They would like to save their
KDE desktop settings and retrieve them on whichever machine they are using
for the day so that their applications automatically start up on the
particular KDE desktop and position that they like. We are using Red Hat
Linux 7.2 with KDE 2.2-10 and the applications they run are non-KDE apps. We
have about 25 users who rotate between 8 workstations and only one
administrator so we would like to find a way to centralize saving and
retrieving the desktop settings.

Additionally, we would like to prevent users from changing certain KDE
settings such as the Window Behavior because our applications require
certain settings.

Does anyone know if either of the above can be done, and if so, where I can
get how-to information.

Joan Dolson

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