Problem with kstart in 3.0.1

Renaud MICHEL renaud.michel at
Sat Jun 1 12:54:53 BST 2002

I upgraded to KDE 3.0.1 with Mandrake packages, it is good but I have a few 
I have gkrellm started on KDE launch with the script

/opt/kde3/bin/kstart --ontop --alldesktops --window gkrellm 
/usr/X11R6/bin/gkrellm -geometry -0+0

It worked fine with KDE2, but with KDE3 the --ontop option give problems, if 
I use --ontop the window appear just on the right of the active window (on 
startup it is kicker), no mater my -geometry option in gkrellm that should 
put it on top right, where I like it.
If I remove the --ontop option it work correctly, but I have to set it 
always on top after.
I even tried the --geometry option of kstart but it does nothing.
Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong.

Renaud Michel

Se penchant sur mon entrejambe elle descendit ma braguette
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