kmail issues (web links, viewing attachments, and address book)

Brian T. Schellenberger bts at
Tue Jul 30 15:01:16 BST 2002

Some kmail issues/questions/problems . . .
I have KDE3.

1. Alternate browser.

   I'd like to use a browser other than konquerer; in particular, I'm quite 
fond of galeon.  So I followed the advice in the kmail help (use the file 
associations in kcontrol), and it "sort of" works, but not really.

   If I click on a link in the mail, instead of it invoking galeon with 
something like

(as konquerer shows when I have it as the primary association for HTML files), 
it invokes it such that galeon shows the address as


instead.  This actually works ok for the primary page, but secondary pages 
can't be properly loaded.  In the example at hand, the page looks ok, but if 
I actually click in the "submit" button, I get a message about how 
/home/bts/.kde/share/apps/kfmexe/tmp/post.cgi cannot be found.

    Is there anything that I might be able to do about this?

    Is this a bug that should be reported?

    (I could never get this to work under KDE2, either, so perhaps it's 
somehow "meant" to be like this.)

2. Other attachments (eg, PDF).

   I'm also having inconsistent trouble with other attachment types.  For 
example, I could never get the PDF viewer to work (at least not under KDE2), 
so I set my PDF viewer to acrobat reader.  The really weird part here is that 
*sometimes* (this morning, for instance), it works just fine.

   But other times (yesterday, for instance), it doesn't work at all, issuing 
errors somewhat like the HTML case above, only for the initial page: that the 
the /home/bts/.kde/. . . (something or another) file can't be found.

    Have other folks seen this?  Any suggestions?

3. Address book.

   The weak point for kmail is, and has been for some time, the address book.

   a) When I ran KDE1, it was my understanding that in KDE2 the addressbook 
would be replaceable in KDE2.  As far as I could tell, it was not, so I 
figured it just missed the train and it would presumably be in KDE3, but now 
I have KDE3 and I still don't see it.  The one thing I miss about my previous 
mail solution, which was Netscape's mail application, was the addressbook and 
mailing list part.

       Is there, in fact, a way to plug other addressbook / mailing lists in?
Has anybody done this and if so can you recommend one?

   b) The addressbook help seems to be entirely missing . . .
      Has anybody here imported mailing lists?  How did that work out?
      Some of my mail addresses from my mailing list seem to autocomplete and 
others do not, depending perhaps on whether the name in the book has quotes.  
What's up with that?  Any insights?
      Is there a good, easy way to make a list for the kmail addressbook?
      And is there some good place I could go for doc on all this stuff?

Thanks for any help y'all can offer!

Brian, the man from Babble-On . . . .   bts at (personal)
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